How To Visit Yellowstone National Park From Florida

What’s the best route from Florida to Yellowstone? Yeah, in this piece, I will show you how to visit Yellowstone National Park from Florida by car or flight.

Although visiting Yellow Stone National Park by car is a long haul, you can also visit from Florida by flight.

In our previous post, we discussed the best time of the year to visit Yellowstone National park.

Visit Yellowstone National Park From Florida By Car

The trip from Florida to Yellowstone won’t be a short one, taking 35 hours and covering approximately 2,000 miles. If you’re still determined, here’s the best route from Florida to Yellowstone if you are starting from Tallahassee:

  • Since you’re starting in Tallahassee, hop on I-10 West.
  • Take exit 136 for Marianna and go right onto FL-276.
  • Turn left onto Lafayette Street/US-90 then make a right onto FL-73 North.
  • Stay right on US-231 North as you enter Alabama.
  • Hop on I-85 South just east of Montgomery.
  • Take exit 0 for I-65 North.
  • In Birmingham, take exit 265A for I-22 West.
  • Take exit 12B-A for I-269.
  • Take exit 1B for I-55 North.
  • Take exit 1 for I-40 West
  • Stay right to stay on I-55.
  • Take exit 23 toward US-63 and stay on US-63/I-555. US-63 becomes US-60 near Willow Springs, Missouri.
  • Get onto US-65 North just outside of Springfield, Missouri.
  • Merge onto I-44 West.
  • Take exit 77 for MO-13.
  • Merge onto MO-13 North, which becomes MO-7 North.
  • Get on I-49 North just south of Kansas City, which turns into US-71.
  • Merge onto I-29 North.
  • Take exit 10 for IA-2 West. This turns into NE-2 West as you cross the Iowa-Nebraska border.
  • Take I-80 once you reach Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • In Ogallala, Nebraska, take exit 126 for US-26 West.
  • Merge onto I-25 North near Glendo, Wyoming.
  • Take exit 189 for US-26 West.
  • Make a right onto US-20 near Shoshoni, Wyoming.
  • Take WY-120 West near Thermopolis, Wyoming.
  • Make a left onto US-14 and follow it into Yellowstone National Park.
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