University Of South Carolina Bookstore: Working Hours & Contact Numbers

The University Of South Carolina Bookstore is a one stop online store for all student essentials. If you’re looking to buy any kind of student stuffs online, then why not buy from your school. They have everything from text books to computers, and apparel. In this post, we will give you a details of the things that the University Of South Carolina Bookstore offers., including their contact numbers and working hours.

The University Of South Carolina Bookstore is located in the Student Union Building on the USC Sumter campus. The bookstore is your source for textbook purchases and rentals, school supplies, graduation gowns, diploma frames, Fire Ant and Gamecock clothing, gift items and new items that arrive daily. You can shop the online bookstore here.

NB: The bookstore will be closed for the holidays beginning at 2 pm on Friday, December 17 and reopen at 8 am on Tuesday, January 4. The online store will open on January 1 with all the pricing for the textbooks, and online orders can be placed to be processed on the 4th when they return after the holidays.

No purchase or rentals in-store will be available until January 4. Information about what is required for the courses is listed on the University Of South Carolina official bookstore website, just no pricing until it’s open to buy/rent.

Shop University of South Carolina Official Bookstore for men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, gifts, textbooks, and more.
You can also find course materials for Spring 2022. All you have to do is fill in your details, and it will generate the course materials for you

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University Of South Carolina Bookstore Policies

Students who wish to purchase any items from the campus bookstore should take note of the following:

Refunds / Returns

You must have your refund receipt, and you have one whole week from the 1st day of your class for refunds. Refunds will be given under the following conditions only:

  1. You must have dropped the course or withdrawn from school. Refunds are not given because a student decides they don’t want the book, purchased it elsewhere or borrowed it from someone else.
  2. You must have your receipt, school ID and drop slip.
  3. New books must be in mint condition. If they are shrink-wrapped, it must not be open. And you must not open any E-book or access codes. You should write no marks in a book until you are sure you will keep it. Marked books can only be given a used book price.
  4. After a return or exchange date has passed, the textbook and course material sales are final. No exceptions will be made.

NB: If a book is returned it will go into quarantine for 24 hrs before being put back on shelf

Book Buybacks

Book buybacks are usually scheduled during the last 3 days of the first week of exams and the first 3 days of the second week. If a book is used in the new upcoming semester and is in good condition, it will be bought back until all limits are met.

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New books in good condition will be bought back at 1/2 the selling price.

Used books will be bought back at less than 1/2 the selling price. Workbooks, lab manuals and study guides will not be bought back. 

University Of South Carolina Bookstore is not mandated to buy any book back. Books that are not bought to use in their store may be bought back through national wholesale companies during the buyback period.

University Of South Carolina Bookstore Shipping Rates

Please note: The shipping location determines shipping prices, the value of the item(s) ordered, the shipping method selected at checkout, as well as the type of item(s) you ordered.

Please remember that the campus bookstore cannot expedite Manufacturer Direct items, and they can only expedite special Event Items. However, they will hold your order until these items become available.

Selecting an expedited shipping method will only expedite your package’s transit time once your order ships from our facility, not the time it takes for the items to become available.

Each purchased item requires a specific warehouse processing time before your order can ship from their facility. The processing time is different for each item and can be located on the item’s description page.

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Transit time begins once the order has completed this processing time and has shipped from our facility. Delivery expectation also varies based on the shipping method you choose at checkout.

Depending on the item(s) you purchase and the address to which these items are being shipped, different shipping methods will be available at the final step of checkout. Each shipping method has its restrictions and charges applied to your order. All shipping methods for the United States are trackable to the destination address.

Orders shipping with these methods are delivered via FedExLaserShipInternational Bridge, and OnTrac. Most of the orders ship from their shipping facilities located in Jacksonville, Florida, and Frazeysburg, Ohio. However, some items may also ship directly from their manufacturer or campus bookstore. 

Domestic Shipping Options

University Of South Carolina Bookstore

University Of South Carolina Bookstore Address

University of South Carolina Official Bookstore
1400 Greene St.
Russell House
Columbia, SC 29208

University Of South Carolina Bookstore Hours

  1. Mon: 8am – 5pm
  2. Tue: 8am – 5pm
  3. Wed: 8am – 5pm
  4. Thu: 8am – 5pm
  5. Fri: 8am – 5pm
  6. Sat: 12pm – 5pm
  7. Sun: CLOSED

Bookstore Contact Info

Phone 803-938-3846

Fax 803-938-3780

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