Red Thread Scholarship Program


The Red Thread Scholarship Program caters to women across the globe with financial needs, and the Scholarship is mostly for those women attending public institutions or Universities in the United States. The Scholarship award is $12,000, covering tuition fees, course materials, and many more benefits at any public college or institution in the United States.

The major requirement or eligibility to get accepted for this great program is a clear demonstration of its strong Academic background or excellence, financial Assistantship, and admission into any two to four years program in any public or State college in the United States.

What Is Red Thread Scholarship Program?

The Red Thread Scholarship was established in 2010 to support women in achieving their goals. Every woman deserves a better life through education, and that’s the program established to assist women in their educational careers.

The program also caters for the leadership training and development of women. The program vision is to program Assistantship, build students’ self-confidence, provision of course materials for students.

The Red Thread program is split into two phases: the applicants screening phase and Interviewing phase with some high profiled Red Thread team.

Red Thread Foundation for Women offers enormous opportunities. It is not limited to a particular region but every woman with an International background, including international students and immigrants.

The most intriguing part of the program is that there is no required CGPA to get qualified for the Scholarship. Also, you will be given a sum of $12,000 in money which can be converted to pay your tuition, textbooks, laptops, and many more.

The application consists of several short-answer questions, two essays, and two letters of recommendation. We require that at least one of your recommenders be an academic reference, such as a teacher or a guidance counselor. The application form and the letters of recommendation must be submitted online by the application deadline to be considered.

Vision And Mission Of Red Thread Scholarship Program For Women

The vision is to become a leading or major Scholarship Program for women, and its mission is to empower women with humble backgrounds and financial incapabilities. 

Assisting such women with the right education will increase their Chances of using their educational qualifications to get a good and sustainable job.

The program is open for one, usually involving direct interaction and relationships with the applicant’s families or parents. Part of their vision is to halt poverty for women.

Why should You Apply For The Red Thread Scholarship Program?

Red Thread Scholarship Program

The program has a friendly application and selection process(es). It helps revive or rekindle hope for women and allows Women to pursue their dream and goals through the provision of Assistantship to those who are financially incapacitated.

I advise every woman to apply for this program. You can never regret applying for such an intriguing project with huge benefits.

With Red Thread Scholarship Program, your longtime dream can come true. Also, your vision can be achieved and realized. Don’t miss the golden opportunity.

Eligibility Requirements For Red Thread Scholarship Program:

  • You must be a citizen of the United States of Canada to apply.
  • You must have a GED, high school certificate or diploma and working experience.
  • You must complete the application form with an attachment of your curriculum vitae or resume with a clear Statement of your education qualification, volunteering, achievements and work experience.
  • Institutional awards open for 2 years of college and 4 years of college.

NB: Applications are usually reviewed by the board of committees set up by the Red Thread program alongside some past awardees to scrutinize the application process.

Application Requirements For Red Thread Scholarship:

  • Complete Application Form
  • Interview
  • Essay Writing
  • Recommendation letter
  • Letter of intent/Statement of purpose

How To Apply For Red Thread Scholarship Program?

 To Apply for the program. Visit REDTHREADWOMEN.ORG. The application closes on 26 February 2023. The Scholarship award for the next edition is $1,000 value. You can also reach out to the scholarship committee at

Red Thread Foundation scholarship amount?

The Scholarship Program amount is $1,000 with some other mentorship benefits, leadership training and development.

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