How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University? Full Cost Breakdown

As a prospective student exploring higher education options, one of your top questions is likely, “How much is tuition at Seton Hall University?” This renowned New Jersey university offers an esteemed education at a competitive price point. When weighing the costs of a college degree, you must look beyond just tuition rates to get the full picture.

Seton Hall, located in the quaint village of South Orange, New Jersey, ranks within the top 5% of over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. With a student-faculty ratio of 14:1 and an average class size of 21 students, the university provides personal attention that fosters student success. Over 84% of Seton Hall students receive financial aid to make this private institution more affordable.

Tuition and Payment Methods

Seton Hall offers several payment methods to provide options and flexibility:

  • Online payments through PirateNet using an electronic check, credit card (plus 2.85% service fee), or bank wire transfer. This convenient method allows payments from anywhere without visiting campus.
  • In-person payments by check, cash, or money order on campus at Bayley Hall 121.
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The university aims to provide personalized service while also offering digital payment methods suited to today’s mobile student lifestyle.

Payment Plans

For those who cannot pay an entire semester’s balance upfront, Seton Hall provides interest-free payment plans. Through consultation with the billing office, students establish monthly payments to cover tuition and fees as the semester progresses. This flexibility makes budgeting much more manageable for students and families.

Payment plans help ease the financial burden without accruing interest on unpaid balances. Just be sure to pay all balances on time each month to avoid late fees.

Late Fees and Collection Costs

Speaking of late fees, Seton Hall charges up to $250 per semester for unpaid balances after each semester’s due date. It is easy to overlook due dates during the chaos of college life or forget about an unpaid balance. To avoid surprise late penalties, carefully observe payment deadlines which normally fall at the start of each semester.

In extreme delinquency cases, Seton Hall forwards severely past due accounts to a professional collection agency. At that point, the university withdraws enrollment eligibility until paying off the balance. On top of paying the past due tuition and fees, the collection agency also charges substantial additional fees for their recovery services. Needless to say, you want to avoid ending up in collections!

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How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University? Undergraduate Tuition Rates

ProgramPer SemesterPer Credit
Full-time (12 or more credits)$24,335 (12-18 credits)* (a)
$1,490 per additional credit 
Part-time (less than 12 credits) $1,490
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

2024 Incoming Freshmen – for the first semester only – may take 12-19 credits at the flat tuition rate.

Undergraduate University Fees

University Fee, Full-time$575Semester
University Fee, Part-time$175Semester
University Fee, Summer/Winter$75Semester
Mobile Computing Fee, Full-time$315 (b)Semester
Technology Fee, Full-time$460Semester
Technology Fee, Part-time$150Semester
New Student Fee – One Time$340One-time
Health Insurance$2,403Full-year
Health Insurance$1,412Spring only
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

Graduate Tuition Rates

ProgramPer SemesterPer Credit
Arts and Sciences(a)$1,520
College of Human Development, Culture, and Media (a)$1,465
Health and Medical Sciences(a)$1,450
Health and Medical Sciences (OT, PT, & PA)(a)$1,520
Health and Medical Sciences (SLP)(a)$1,470
Health and Medical Sciences (AT)(a)$1,405
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

Graduate University Fees

University Fee, Full-time (Registered for 9 or more credits)$200Semester
University Fee, Part-time$135Semester
University Fee, Summer/Winter$60Semester
Technology Fee, Full-time (Registered for 9 or more credits)$275Semester
Technology Fee, Part-time$140Semester
Graduate Nursing Fee$210Semester
Health Insurance$5,567Full-year
Health Insurance$3,262Spring only
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

Human Development, Culture, and Media Special Graduate Program Tuition Rates

ProgramPer Credit / Course
Catholic School Leadership$735 per credit
Counseling M.A./Ed.S., Online$880 per credit
School Counseling M.A., Online$880 per credit
Education, Leadership, Management & Policy M.A., Online$740 per credit
Executive Education, Leadership, Management & Policy M.A. /Ed.S., On Campus$892 per credit
Executive Education, Leadership, Management & Policy M.A., /Ed.S., Off-Campus$837 per credit
Executive Education, Leadership, Management & Policy Ed.D.$1,327
M.A. – H.R. Training/Development Law Enforcement$735 per credit
K-12 Supervisor Certificate, Online$2,280
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

Theology/Seminary Graduate Tuition Rate

ProgramPer SemesterPer Credit
Theology/Seminary Graduate Tuition Rate(a)$765

Theology/Seminary University Fees

University Fee, Full-time$200Semester
University Fee, Part-time$135Semester
University Fee, Summer$60Semester
Technology Fee, Full-time$275Semester
Technology Fee, Part-time$140Semester
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

Room Per Semester

RoomPer Semester
On-Campus Residence Halls Double (c)$5,925
Off-Campus – Ora Manor Double (c)$7,075
Off-Campus – Turrell Manor Double (c)$7,725
On Campus Halls (Boland) Single$7,400
On-Campus Neumann Premium Single$7,740
On-Campus Neumann Premium Double$6,195
On Campus Halls (Aquinas, Boland, Cabrini, Serra, Xavier) Double$5,925
On Campus Halls (Aquinas, Boland, Cabrini, Serra, Xavier) Triple$5,925
On Campus Aquinas Discounted Triple$5,425
On Campus Cabrini and Serra Discounted Triple$4,285
Off-Campus Ora Manor Single$8,835
Off-Campus Turrell Manor (1 person apartment, one room) $10,145
Off-Campus Turrell Manor (1 person apartment, single plus) $10,050
Off-Campus Turrell Manor (2 person apartment, two single rooms)$10,050
Off-Campus Turrell Manor (2 person apartment, one double room)$7,725
Off-Campus Turrell Manor (4 person apartment, two double rooms) $7,645
Off-Campus, St. Andrew’s Hall $6,630
Seminary, Lewis Hall$3,596
Unlimited 75+ with extended hours (d)$2,750
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

(a) Discounts may be applied to certain programs or courses that meet specific criteria. 
(b) Mobile Computing Fee and the corresponding laptop refresh will be waived for 3rd year students. 
(c) Rates are presented for standard double rooms, the proposed increase for all rooms is 4.4%.
(d) Rates are presented for Unlimited +75, the most popular plan at approximately three quarters of students purchasing a plan.

Meal Plan Rates

Meal PlanMealsPirate BucksGuestsSemester Charge
2*40 meals per semester751$556
Seminary   $3,596
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

Meal Plan 2 is available to commuters, Ora, and Turrell residents only.

Other Fees

ProgramPer SemesterPer Credit
International Student Fee$400One-time
Returned Check Fee$35Each Instance
Late FeeUp to $250Per Semester
Credit Card Convenience Fee2.95%Per Amount Charged
Lab Supply Fee$25 – $50Course Specific
Graphics Lab Fee$35 – 90Course Specific
Lost Key Fee$108Each Instance
Residence Lockout Fee$10 – $25Each Instance
Laptop Repair ChargeUp to $125Each Instance
Nursing – Review Course Fee$400One-time
Nursing – EHR Go$85 – $100Course specific
Nursing – Vsims$40 – $150Course-specific
English as a Second Language (per course)$600 
Project Acceleration$110 
Prequalification MBA (per course)$520 
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

Auditors, Senior Citizens, Au Pairs

The pricing below applies to Auditors, Au Pairs, and Senior Citizens who register in-person on specified dates. Prices apply to both undergraduate and graduate level courses. Rates are only applicable to the South Orange main campus.

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For registration dates and more information please visit:

Student TypePer Credit/CourseFees
Auditor (non-credit)$600 per creditUniversity Fee & Technology Fee
Auditor (non-credit) Graduate Theology$300 per creditUniversity Fee & Technology Fee
Senior Citizen Auditor (non-credit)$100 per courseNo Fees
Senior Citizen (for credit)$500 per courseUniversity Fee & Technology Fee
How Much is Tuition at Seton Hall University?

Please be advised, tuition and fees generally increase 3% annually.

Final Tips On Tuition at Seton Hall University For 2024?

Evaluating college costs extends beyond a published tuition rate. You must analyze total expenses – tuition, university fees, program fees, living costs, books, transportation, and more. Seton Hall University stands as an attractive option among private institutions for its reasonable tuition paired with prestigious academic programs.

To clarify Seton Hall costs and payment processes, visit the billing office in Bayley Hall 121. The advisors explain all associated fees, offer personalized payment consultations, and break down exactly what to anticipate paying each semester. Arm yourself with information to make informed choices about budgeting and financial assistance.

Through scholarships, grants, work opportunities, and sensible loans, Seton Hall opens attainable paths to higher education. Investing in a Seton Hall degree means gaining access to faculty mentors who will guide you toward a future of career advancement and personal fulfillment. Allow their calculations to convince you that the numbers and value align for investing in this life-changing opportunity.

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