Fully-funded Scholarships in GERMANY Without IELTS


The German universities opened the application window for the fully-funded German Scholarships without IELTS for the class of 2022-2023 admissions for all students of various disciplines and degree levels.

Germany is considered an ideal stop for educational purposes, not only due to the affordable academic costs but also the quality of education it provides. One of the most popular and frequently asked questions is whether education is free in Germany?

Education in public universities and colleges is free without any tuition fees for much of the courses but is charged in the name of administrative and semester contributions. In addition to that, Germany’s daily and monthly expenditures are low and limited, keeping the cost of living on the lower side.

  1. Deadline: Ongoing
  2. Opening date: January 16, 2022
  3. Days Remaining: Ongoing
  4. Type: Fully Funded
  5. Location: Germany

Financial Benefits Of German Scholarships

Do you know the winners of German Government Scholarships without IELTS enjoy any or all of the below-listed academic-financial coverage perks at designated German Universities;

  • Complete Application fees waiver
  • No cost education degree
  • Part-time Work Permit facility
  • Residential space with all facilities paid/provided
  • Pocket money paid monthly for personal living expenses
  • Academic funding for books, research projects, and conference participations
  • Airline tickets (Return or one-sided)
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Germany Offers Scholarships to Everyone!

The good news is that the German free tuition system is restricted to German residents and is available for all international students. Many German scholarship programs such as DAAD and KAAD scholarships are also offered in the country, which is sometimes valued more than the cost of study helping students with other needs.

Considering that the German universities do not demand IELTS, its alternative is the medium of instruction letter, which can be submitted as an IELTS alternative. So you then don’t need IELTS to apply for the German Scholarships.

Medium Of Instruction Letter:

This letter is also known as the English Language Proficiency letter, which proves your previously studied course program being completed in the English language.

The presence of this letter eases the path for you putting behind the need of any IELTS examination. If your Bachelor’s program has been completed under the English language, you can apply for IELTS exemption in German universities. Which further means; you can apply for German Scholarships Without IELTS!

From where you can get an English Proficiency Certificate? The English Language Proficiency letter, also known as the Medium of instruction letter, is issued by the previously attended university’s registrar department.

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List of German Universities With NO Application Fees:

Following are the Universities in Germany that charge ZERO application fees to their admission applicants;

  • The Technical University of Munich (No Application Fees)
  • Heidelberg University (No Application Fees)
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat München (No Application Fees)
  • RWTH Aachen University (No Application Fees)
  • Humboldt University in Berlin (No Application Fees)

German Universities Without IELTS Requirement In 2022

Following is the detailed list of German Universities which offer admissions without requiring an IELTS exam certificate. This means you can take admission in any of the following Universities of Germany without IELTS:

University of HildesheimIELTS Exempted
Technische Hochschule DeggendorfIELTS Exempted
University of FreiburgIELTS Exempted
Hochschule StralsundIELTS Exempted
University of KasselIELTS Exempted
University of GiessenIELTS Exempted
Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)IELTS Exempted
University of BonnIELTS Exempted
Chemnitz University of TechnologyIELTS Exempted
University of KaiserslauternIELTS Exempted

Working On Study VISA in Germany Application Process

Are you in Germany on a student visa? And want to stay afterwards on a work permit? You must be wondering whether it is possible? Yes, it is.

You can obtain an 18-month long work permit in Germany for job-seeking purposes after you have completed your program. In this period, you’re free to undertake any job with extensions provided with relevant proofs on the expiry of the work permit. 

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To obtain the work permit and set yourself off the hassle, do remember to submit a timely application. You should apply before your student visa expires, so you get the work permit before you exit the country.

Why Germany?

Well, primarily because this is one of the quickest growing economies in the world, you don’t want to miss out on a career here. Germany boasts of the 4th highest GDP globally, with a new era of industrialization surfacing.

 With prevailing common sense, it can be easily figured out by the numbers provided how big the job market in Germany currently is. 

With limited job resources and job benefits in the third world or developing countries, it is a career destination that offers high value for your work. 

So if you are a student in Germany, hurry up and get your work permit to settle into your role in one of the emerging world economies.

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