Drew University Acceptance Rate and Costs for International Students

Drew University acceptance rate for international students is 50%. The University, located in Madison, New Jersey, has a competitive acceptance rate for international students compared to other top liberal arts colleges in the U.S. If you’re an international student hoping to get accepted to Drew University, here’s what you need to know about their admissions, the cost of attendance, and scholarship opportunities.

Overview of Drew University Acceptance Rate

For the 2021–2022 application cycle, Drew University had an overall acceptance rate of around 60% for all applicants. The acceptance rate, specifically for international students, is estimated to be slightly lower, at about 50%.

As a smaller private university, Drew takes a holistic approach when evaluating international applicants for admission. The process is highly selective, admitting students who show they can thrive in Drew’s intimate liberal arts environment.

In recent years, Drew University has seen steady growth in applications from international students. The University values global diversity, with international students making up around 10% of the student body.

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Tuition and Fees for International Students

Tuition and fees for international students at Drew University came out to $43,824 for 2022-2023. With additional estimated costs like housing, books, healthcare, and more, the total cost of attendance is around $57,824 annually.

While costs are on par with comparable U.S. private colleges, Drew provides merit scholarships and need-based grants that can significantly lower the net price for international admissions. Scholarships range from $15,000 to $25,000 per year for qualified students.

Tips for International Students Applying

To have the best shot at getting accepted, international applicants should focus on presenting themselves as well-rounded students who are an excellent fit for Drew’s intimate learning environment.

Submit an application that highlights achievements both inside and outside the classroom. Share the unique perspectives you will bring. If English is not your native language, submit strong TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Applying for merit scholarships and need-based aid during the process can also strengthen your candidacy. Accepted international students typically receive generous financial assistance.

With a holistic process focused on each individual, Drew University offers international applicants a rewarding opportunity to join a diverse campus community and earn a U.S. degree.

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While Drew University acceptance rate for international students is competitive, those who demonstrate fit with Drew’s values and take advantage of financial aid see favorable admit rates. Present your best self and highlight the unique contributions you will make to take advantage of the rewarding Drew University experience.

FAQs About Drew University Acceptance Rate

What is Drew’s acceptance rate for international first-year students?

The estimated freshman acceptance rate for international students has been 50–55% in recent years. Admissions is holistic, based on academics, activities, essays, and more.

What kinds of scholarships are offered?

Drew provides academic merit scholarships ranging from $15,000 to $25,000 annually for qualified international applicants. There are also competitive art talent scholarships.

What is the total cost of scholarships?

The average net price after scholarships and grants is around $30,000 annually for international students. Additional aid and loans can further lower costs.

How many international students attend Drew?

Currently, around 10% of the student body, or 200 students, are international students hailing from about 50 different countries.

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