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Start filling out your online application for the fully-funded scholarships offered by the University of Nottingham for the class of 2022-2023 under various degree levels and subject options.

The University of NOTTINGHAM is amongst the most famous and high-ranking research universities of Middle East England.

Such an outstanding educational institution is the first largest university in the United Kingdom with three Nobel prizes, Gabor Medal, etc.

On the other hand, the University of Nottingham is currently educating around 9,000 overseas students from 150 countries, providing every possible support to these candidates via grants, scholarships, visa application guides, etc.

Once the students have reached the country, they should opt for the International Welcome program. It will help them create their bank account, school portal account, and registration at the university.

  1. Deadline: Ongoing
  2. Type: Fully Funded
  3. Location: United Kingdom (UK)

Medium of Instruction at the University of Nottingham

Here, the medium for instruction at the University of Nottingham is English. Hence, the candidates with non-native English language must show their English Language Proficiency certificate.

NB: IELTS Requirement at University of Nottingham: Optional

Suppose an applicant holds required scores of Pearson Test of English (PTE) (Academic), TOEFL, CELE, ESOL, Trinity College London ISE (SELT), or Cambridge English C1/C2. In that case, there is no need to submit IELTS test results at the University of Nottingham for admission or scholarship.

Admission Acceptance Rate of Nottingham University

The admission acceptance rate at the University of Nottingham, located in the United Kingdom, is 11%. That means it is somehow challenging to get selected for this university’s degree program or scholarship.

Scholarships Offered by the University of Nottingham in 2022:

Various scholarship programs and tuition grants are there for local and international candidates from all over the world:

#1 Europe Undergraduate Excellence Award

Scholarship Reward: Up to £7,000.

Level of study: Undergraduate program.

The University of Nottingham is ready to provide scholarships to high academic grade students from European countries. Interested candidates must submit their 2022-2023 by the end of April 2022. 

However, to become eligible for this scholarship, the candidates must have domiciles from any mentioned countries and must be applying as international candidates for the tuition fee purpose. On the other hand, the candidates must have the admission offer letter from the undergraduate degree program department.

The European Ungergrad Excellence Award scholarship value is £7,000, which covers the selected candidates’ first-year tuition fees. Similarly, those who will apply for the ASEAN and Oceania Undergraduate Excellence Award must be from the Oceania and ASEAN countries. 

However, the scholarship value is £2,000.

In the same way, candidates applying for the East Asia Undergraduate Excellence Award should be from East Asia countries.

The candidates must enroll in any undergraduate program taught at Nottingham University to apply for this scholarship. Please click for information related to the application process and eligible countries list. 

#2 Regional Excellence Scholarship Award for Postgraduates

Application Deadline: Friday 20 May 2022.

Scholarship Value: £2,000 to £8,000.

It is a golden opportunity for all the interested candidates to apply for the International Master’s Regional postgraduate scholarships at the University of Nottingham. Students from all over the world are welcome and considered for this scholarship.

This scholarship program will cover the tuition fees for the candidates enrolled in a Master’s degree at Nottingham University. But the scholarship value may vary as per the region. Candidates from Africa will get £4,000 tuition fee coverage. 

However, American candidates will enjoy £8,000 worth of scholarship coverage as tuition fees.

To apply for the scholarship, the candidates have to enroll in any Master’s degree program and submit the admission offer letter from the concerned department. 

However, those who enroll in the Master’s program of Research must contact the relevant authorities for further directions.

For the List of Eligible Regional Countries, please check the link.

#3 Sports Scholarships at University of Nottingham

All the talented yet skilled athletes studying at Nottingham can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship aims to provide financial support to the best athletes of the university who have a history of playing sports either at local, international, or state levels.

Sports Scholarships of Nottingham University will be presented to the selected in three different packages:

  • Bronze —> £4,500.
  • Silver —> £9,500.
  • Gold —> £13,500.

However, along with the scholarship award, candidates will also get the chance to enjoy physiotherapy, membership of the UoN club, mentoring, Nutrition, strength, etc. For further information related to the Sports scholarship, follow this link

#4 Chevening Scholarships at University of Nottingham

The Chevening scholarship program is a joint effort of the UK government and FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office). Students who apply for the full-time Master’s degree program at Nottingham are eligible for this scholarship.

Candidates with high academic potential and excellent communication skills can apply for this program. Meanwhile, the eligibility requirements for this scholarship include;

  • Proficiency in the English Language.
  • Working experience. (at least two years)
  • Honors (Upper second class) or equivalent degree.

The winners of this scholarship will enjoy the certain benefits:

  • Living cost.
  • Accommodation.
  • Travel expenditures.
  • Full tuition fee waiver.

For the application process, visit the official website.

#5 Great Scholarship of University of Nottingham

Scholarship Deadline: May 2022.

Scholarship Value: £10,000.

Students from China, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Mexico enrolled in the Master’s degree can apply for this scholarship program at Nottingham. 

However, the scholarship will be awarded to the students collaborating with the British Council and the Great Britain Campaign. There are two scholarships for Indonesian students. And two for the Mexican students.

The interested candidates must be nationals of the above-listed countries to apply for this scholarship. For a scholarship application, the candidates must get the offer from the selected course department then apply for the scholarship. Also, check the application criteria before applying for the scholarship.

#6 Developing Solution Master’s Scholarships

Number of Scholarships: 105.

Scholarship value: 50% to 100% reduction in tuition fees.

The candidates who want to bring a positive change to their home country through development must apply for this scholarship. 

This program started in 2001, offering 50% to 100% tuition fee scholarships. Candidates from India, Africa, and the commonwealth countries are eligible for this scholarship program.

On the other hand, the applied candidate must be a citizen from the above-listed countries and enroll in a full-time Master’s degree program at Nottingham University by September / October 2022.

The candidate must be getting a Master’s degree from the following faculties;

  • Health Sciences & Medicine 
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences 
  • Engineering

How to Apply for Scholarships at the University of Nottingham

Before applying for the scholarships at the University of Nottingham, complete the required set of application documents. Candidates must submit their academic transcripts and certificates with the required essential documents; (Research Proposal or a study plan, CV, Statement of purpose, Motivation Letter).students first have to enroll in any degree course.

Meanwhile, the requirements for admission may vary as per the degree program and region. To become eligible for admission at such an institution, the candidate must have an A-level or equivalent qualification, previous degrees, and transcripts.

For some of the Nottingham University Scholarships, applicants first need to get an admission offer letter; from the relevant department to get considered for Nottingham University Scholarship programs.

NB: For more details, visit the Nottingham University Scholarships portal HERE.

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