Big British Scholarships – Free Education In Britain Without IELTS, TOEFL, GRE


United Kingdom Universities will be recruiting international students for their academic degree programs under the fully-funded British Scholarships in 2022. Most of these UK Scholarships will be available with IELTS exemption, whereas alternate scores will be demanded some Britain Scholarships.

If the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on taking IELTS, GRE, and TOEFL exams is holding you back from applying for UK Scholarships, then please don’t get de-motivated! Because there are so many British Scholarships Without IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT requirements available each year.

British Scholarships Funding Package:

The fully-funded Britain Scholarships sponsor the following academic funding package to students who win:

  • Academic cost waived off entirely or at discounted price
  • Residential facility will be allotted to students
  • Grant for students personal expense is known as British Scholarship monthly stipend
  • Health sickness insurance package for students studying in the UK
  • Funding grant for lab work or buying books

Many students dream of getting higher education for free and without IELTS from British Universities. So British educational institutes and many other organizations have opened various opportunities for all the students worldwide.

Fully-funded British Scholarships for 2022 Batch

Here is the list of the top 30 British scholarships available for admission applications in 2022-2023. A lot of British universities are offering various UK scholarships for their international students:

1# The Commonwealth Scholarship Programs:

The commonwealth scholarships Commission (CSC) provides excellent opportunities for the commonwealth countries which can’t afford the dues. These British scholarships are offered to undergraduate, postgraduate students, and Ph.D. programs also offer monthly and yearly stipends to international students. It also provides airfare and living expenses to the students.

2# The Chevening Scholarships:

The Chevening scholarships offer financial support for international students. These British scholarships are the best opportunities for graduates and master’s degree programs. Fee structures vary for each program. The full payment for a master’s degree is 18000$, and it varies for different degrees.

3# The Royal Society Grants:

The British academy and royal society run this Royal Society Grant Scheme. The basic purpose of this scholarship covers the research work in various fields, such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, engineering, etc. Royal Society Grant offers about $30,000 per autumn for each student.

4# University of Cambridge Scholarships:

The University of Cambridge offers $100m awards for the masters, undergraduates, and Ph.D. degrees. Cambridge University is one of the best universities globally that are partially funded for students.

The acceptance rate of the University of Cambridge remained 21%

Application fees of University of Cambridge is £75 per application

The yearly fee schedule for the master’s degree programs is around $10,000 on average, and it varies for different associated degree programs. But this fee can be waived off if the applicant wins a British Scholarship.

5# University of Oxford Scholarships:

The University of Oxford is one of the best institutes in the world. Oxford University also offers British scholarship opportunities for international students to study in undergraduate, post-graduate programs and Ph.D. degrees.

The acceptance rate of the University of Oxford remained 15%

Application fees of University of Oxford is £75 per application

The annual tuition fee at the University of Oxford is $26, 770 to $37, 570 which can be waived off under the scholarship.

6# Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

Gates Cambridge scholarships are unique opportunities for international students. The Gates Cambridge scholarships manage the tuition fees for each year, and it also provides the airfares for its international students.

7# Clarendon University Scholarships:

Clarendon university offer scholarships at the graduation level only. Over 140 British scholarships will be provided to the international students via Claredon university. British Clarendon University offers free education to the students and includes living expenses.

The acceptance rate of Clarendon University remained 100%

Application fees of Clarendon University is £0 (Free)

8# Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:

Edinburgh global research scholarships are the best way for the research students to pursue their research work with winning these outstanding British scholarships. Edinburgh global scholarships offer free education, but they never help maintain the living expenses.

9# University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships:

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International British Scholarships offers admissions for postgraduate students.

The acceptance rate of the University of Sussex remained 83%

Application fees of University of Sussex is £0 (free)

The University of Sussex offers fully-funded British scholarships or a 50% discount on tuition fees and a few more other facilities for international students.

10# Bristol University Think big scholarships:

Bristol University invests more than US$60,000 for international students who win a British Scholarship each year. The aim of think big scholarships is to help the brighter students from the international countries to get chance for best studies.

The acceptance rate of Bristol University remained 68%

Application fees of Bristol University is £50

Bristol University offers free education for undergraduates and postgraduate degrees. The tuition fee awards range from $5000 to $20,000.

11# University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships:

The University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships offers admissions to all international students. This British scholarship is being provided for under-graduates and postgraduate degrees.

The acceptance rate of the University of London remained 38%

Application fees of University of London is £20

The students will be able to study for free at west London University with the free cost of accommodation and academic facilities.

12# Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships:

The Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships offer free education to international students with a package of academic facilities like monthly stipends and logistics.

The acceptance rate of the Warwick University UK remained 14%

The application fees of Warwick University UK is £35 for online and £60 for a paper application.

The tuition fees waiver and living expenses are offered to each scholarship-winning student by Warwick University. It also offers education for PhD-level degrees.

13# Scholarships at University of Nottingham:

The University of Nottingham is a fantastic opportunity for students who want to get an education in U.k. This British scholarship at the University of Nottingham offers free education for master’s degree students.

The acceptance rate of the University of Nottingham remained 14.40%

Application fees of University of Nottingham is £40-50

The University of Nottingham offers 105 British scholarships, from which 30 UK scholarships will cover the full tuition fee while 75 will cover 50% of the tuition fee.

14# Sheffield Hallam University Scholarships:

The Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together offers scholarships for postgraduate and undergraduate students. These Britain scholarships by Sheffield Hallam without IELTS are provided with a 100-50% discount on the tuition fee with residential accommodation, monthly stipend, and health insurance cover.

The acceptance rate of the Sheffield Hallam University remained 43%

Application fees of University of Nottingham is £40-50

Sheffield Hallam universities offer degree scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate levels degrees.

15# The University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships:

The University of the West of England, Bristol, offers more than £100,000 worth of UK scholarships for international students each year.

The acceptance rate of the University of West England remained High

Application fees of University of West England is £20-25

The University of West England offers relaxation in the fee structure, and bright students will also be given stipend funding for the living expenses and airfares.

16# Imperial College London Scholarships:

Imperial College of London offers British scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, including doctoral degrees. The average cost of studying at the imperial university London is estimated to be at least £22,200 per year. This is one of the most expensive universities in the United Kingdom.

The acceptance rate of the Imperial College London remained 18%

Application fees of Imperial College London is £22-27

Therefore, Imperial College London Scholarships are available for students so they can not worry about any financial burdens and obtain a high-quality education.

17# Global Health & Social Medicine Postgraduate Scholarships:

Global health & social Medicine postgraduate scholarships are the most wanted and helpful for overseas students. The Department of Global Health & Social Medicine is offering one master’s award, valued up to £11,040 for 2022 to 2023, as a full-time entry for one student onto their relevant course.

18# Kings College London Scholarships:

Kings College London is a fantastic place to study in the United Kingdom, and it is a costly school in the UK.

The acceptance rate of the Kings College London remained 13%

Application fees of Kings College London is £80

King’s College London offers 6000 British scholarships for overseas students. It offers studies in under-graduates, postgraduate degrees as well as Ph.D. programs.

19# Aberystwyth University International Scholarships:

Aberystwyth University offered many incentives and awards for international students. A student may get many incentives and a stipend with free education from Aberystwyth University.

The acceptance rate of the Aberystwyth University remained 90%

The application fee of Aberystwyth University is £0.

It also gives awards for postgraduate and undergraduate students. Aberystwyth University offers $20,000 annually to students in terms of tuition fee discounts.

20# Castle Smart Scholarship Programs:

Non-government organizations issue Castle smart scholarships. These Britain scholarships are open for all nationalities, and castle Smart Scholarships offers $6000 annually to each winning student. Castle smart scholarship offers science, arts, business, doctoral, and many more.

21# Marshall Scholarships:

British Marshall Scholarships is one best way for international students to get an education abroad. Up to 50 students are selected in any area of study at the graduation level for this program. Marshall Scholarships provide many incentives and awards to international students.

22# Charles Wallace Trust Scholarships:

Charles Wallace Trust scholarships are the best opportunities for international students. UK charity will offer British scholarships to international doctoral students to study in the UK for free and without IELTS or with alternate certificates.

23# Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships:

Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships in Britain gives life-changing opportunities to its international students by offering free or discounted education, facility for residence, and personal expense funding.

The acceptance rate of Cardiff University remained 19.14%

Application fees of Kings College London is £0

Over 7900 students from 130 countries attain the chance to get Cardiff University scholarship which can be pursued without submitting the IELTS exam if proof of English Language Proficiency is available.

24# Queen’s University Belfast International Scholarships:

Queen’s University Belfast International Scholarships are offered each year to all the countries. Queen’s University in Belfast also offers Big British scholarship awards, including the tuition fees waiver for all the south Asian students.

The acceptance rate of the Queen’s University Belfast remained 35%

Application fees of Queen’s University Belfast is £20-26

Queen University Belfast offers special rewards to postgraduates, undergraduates, business, LLB, MBA, Doctoral level programs.

25# The Rhodes Scholarships:

The Rhodes scholarship programs are the oldest programs to help young students worldwide. The Rhodes scholarship covers international students’ tuition fees and yearly stipends, and the Rhodes scholarships are vital for international students.

26# Swansea University Undergraduate Scholarships:

Swansea University also offers various scholarships in Britain to international students, and Swansea gives scholarships for undergraduates and postgraduate degrees. Swansea University Undergraduate Scholarships cover the educational expenses.

The acceptance rate of the Swansea University remained 20%

Application fees of Queen’s University Belfast is £0

You might be happy to know that the living expenses in Swansea are comparatively meager compared to other universities in the United Kingdom.

27# The University of Greenwich Scholarships:

The University of Greenwich also offers numerous UK scholarships for international students. IELTS is also a must for admission to the University of Greenwich, London. But if candidates hold any other English language proficiency letter, then IELTS will no longer be required to apply for admission at Greenwich University.

The acceptance rate of the University of Greenwich remained 64%

Application fees of University of Greenwich is £20

By the British scholarship offered at the University of Greenwich, discounted education or full tuition fee waiver and other academic benefits are rewarded.


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