20% Australian Catholic University Accommodation Scholarship

Australian Catholic University Accommodation Scholarship

Don’t miss this opportunity if you’ve got admission to the Australian Catholic University. ACU is offering an accommodation scholarship waiver to international students.

Students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs at ACU’s campuses in Ballarat, Canberra, or anywhere in New South Wales are eligible for this accommodation award, which helps to make higher education more accessible to these students.

About The Australian Catholic University

ACU Student Accommodation aims to support international students with the cost of accommodation whilst studying at ACU in Australia. The ACU International Student Accommodation Scholarship is designed to encourage international students to choose to stay in ACU Student Accommodation which engages students from a range of backgrounds, with equally diverse aspirations and support needs.

The Australian Catholic University is a public school of higher learning that welcomed its first class of undergraduates on the first day of the new year in 1991. The coming together of four Catholic tertiary educational institutions in eastern Australia to form the Australian Catholic University was the impetus for the establishment of the university.

The postsecondary institutions that were present were as follows:

  • Institute of Catholic Education from Victoria
  • Signadou College of Education from the Australian Capital Territory
  • Catholic College of Education from Sydney New South Wales
  • McAuley College from Queensland.

These higher educational institutions all got their starts in the same decade of the 1800s, roughly speaking. During this time period in history, Catholic schools and hospitals relied heavily on the education that was provided by Catholic institutes of higher learning and religious orders to staff their classrooms and medical facilities.

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There are a total of seven campuses that make up the Australian Catholic University, with the primary campus being located in the city of Brisbane, which is located in the state of Queensland. In addition to Adelaide, they may be found in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Ballarat, and Canberra, all of which are located in Australia (Strathfield and North Sydney).

The Catholic University of America and the Australian Catholic University collaborated in order to found the Rome Centre in the year 2015. The Rome Centre is the product of their combined efforts.

Below is the summary of the Australian Catholic University:

  • Scholarship Sponsor: Australian Catholic University (ACU)
  • Country: Scholarship In Australia
  • Scholarship Worth: 20% reduction in accommodation fees
  • Scholarship Type: Undergraduate 
  • Nationality: International Students

ACU Scholarship Offers

  • This scholarship will pay for a twenty percent discount on your accommodation fees, which can be applied toward a rental agreement for either two semesters or twelve months in the room type and property of your choice.
  • Ballarat Campus: The prize can be used toward the payment of a rental agreement for either two semesters or one year at the property and room type of your choosing.
  • There is a total of five scholarships up for grabs.
  • The grant is used toward the cost of rent for a basic studio room on a year-long lease at the Canberra campus.
  • There is a total of five scholarships up for grabs.
  • The prize can be put toward the purchase of a studio or premium studio under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), or it can be put toward the purchase of a multi-share apartment. There is a total of ten money-saving opportunities up for grabs.
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ACU Scholarship Eligibility

  • Candidates for this scholarship must satisfy all of the following requirements in order to be considered:
  • beginning an ACU course no later than the first semester of 2023 or earlier
  • Course: any ACU undergraduate degree
  • Citizenship, specifically domestic
  • Ballarat, Canberra, North Sydney, Strathfield, and Blacktown are some of the possible locations for the campus.
  • Fight through difficulties and obstructions to gain entrance to higher education.

The following standards are used to evaluate the completeness and strength of an application:

  • Written statement
  • Applicants that have just relocated from a regional, rural, or remote location will be given priority consideration.
  • The beneficiaries of this scholarship are needed to maintain the following in order to continue to be eligible for it:
  • A minimum grade of “C” or above for at least two-thirds of the credit points for which they were enrolled in the prior academic year
  • Attendance at the same educational institution as the recipient of the scholarship is required.

NB: Awarding international students with tuition waivers for the 2022-2023 school year in select degree programs, the University of Innsbruck in Austria is committed to removing financial barriers to education. This award is for international students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Scholars of all levels are urged to apply for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year at the university.

How To Apply For The Australian Catholic University (ACU) Scholarship

Australian Catholic University Accommodation Scholarship
Australian Catholic University Accommodation Scholarship

As part of the application process, potential candidates will be expected to provide the following information:

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  • A brief written declaration of about 200 words that outlines the following:
  • whatever challenges or obstacles you had to face in order to get into a higher education program.
  • how the awarding of this scholarship will make a difference for you.
  • Provide evidence to support the difficulty or difficulties that you stated in your written statement. Documents such as statements from Centrelink or a bank, a letter from a medical practitioner, or a statutory declaration may be required, although this list is not exhaustive.
  • (if it is applicable) Proof that your address is in a regional, rural, or remote area.
  • * Difficulties or obstacles may include but are not limited to, a financial disadvantage, a background in which the only parent was a single parent, ongoing medical conditions, a background in which English was not the primary language spoken at home, being the first in one’s family to attend university, a social or cultural disadvantage, or adjusting to life in Australia as a refugee.

Australian Catholic University Accommodation Scholarship Deadline

The application deadline for Australian Catholic UniversityAccommodation Scholarship 2022   is 1 Mar 2023. Interested applicants should visit ACU’s official website to apply here.

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