Germany Scholarships: What You Need To Know About The DAAD Scholarships


Germany’s DAAD fully-funded Scholarships for 2023–2024 are now accepting applications. With all funding the German government provides, international students may study there for free.

All courses are available through German DAAD Scholarships. According to a recent DAAD Scholarship report, approximately 10,00,00 German Scholarships are offered to international students annually.

Do you want the cherry on top? IELTS testing is not necessary to demonstrate English language proficiency when applying for admission to German universities.

German and international students from other nations are the intended audience for this DAAD German scholarship. More than 100,000 students are supported by DAAD scholarships and are enrolled at various German universities.

DAAD scholarships cover all German and English-language programs. Only graduate students are eligible for the DAAD scholarship. The DAAD award is only available for programs lasting more than a year.

What Are DAAD Scholarships?

DAAD stands for Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, which translates to “The German Academic Exchange Service” in English. It was founded in 1925 by a student in Heidelberg.

Public funds run this institution. It represents approximately 242 colleges and universities in Germany. It is headquartered in Bonn, Germany.
The motto of the DAAD Scholarship is “Change through Exchange”.

It was just a student initiative, and now, it has become the most popular funding organization to support students and researchers worldwide.

Who Is Eligible For The DAAD Scholarships?

About the DAAD Scholarships

International students are eligible for DAAD scholarships to fund their subsequent studies if they have less than six years of undergraduate study.

Foreign graduates from developing and recently industrialized nations are eligible for DAAD scholarships in all academic fields. A candidate must have at least two years of professional experience to be eligible to enrol in a postgraduate program at any state-recognized university in Germany.

Is The DAAD scholarships Still Open?

Yes. The application period for the DAAD scholarships for 2023–2024 is currently open. Any German institution will have courses you can take, and you can apply for a DAAD scholarship to help fund your studies. This article will cover everything you need to know about the DAAD scholarship program and a few German universities to which you might apply.

Can I Stay In Germany After The DAAD Scholarship?

After graduating, international students may extend their permission to stay up to 18 months to look for a job that suits them. As soon as you receive the results of your last exam, the 18 months begin.

You must provide proof that your expenses are paid for this period and that you are looking for employment that meets your credentials. You cannot, therefore, be seeking employment as a waiter or courier, jobs that anyone could perform without special training.

You may remain in Germany and be granted a residence permit for gainful employment if you successfully find employment during this time.

After just two years, you can be qualified for a settlement permit or indefinite leave to remain, depending on the situation. After eight years, you can apply for citizenship if you meet all conditions, including having a solid command of German. Most federal states count the eight years you spent studying abroad in Germany.

Sponsorship Package For DAAD Scholarship Winners

The DAAD Scholarship offers its selected students a variety of advantages. The DAAD scholarship will provide you with a special allowance or a facility for a private dwelling if your spouse is living with you. Additionally, the DAAD provides a small allowance for your kids.

You will also receive family health insurance allowances is the most crucial factor.

Holders of DAAD Scholarships may work part-time. For a part-time job, the DAAD’s approval is required. Your scholarship will be revoked in such a case. The following is a comprehensive list of DAAD Scholarship advantages and coverage:

  • Postgraduate students obtain 850 Euros for a monthly allowance.
  • Doctors students will get 1200 Euros for a monthly allowance.
  • The DAAD Scholarship holders will also get a special allowance for travelling.
  • The DAAD will pay all accommodation expenses.
  • The DAAD Scholarship also gives an additional allowance for disabled students.

NB: Tuition fees are not typically required at German institutions. However, they are at some of them. The DAAD Scholarship does not charge any fees to recipients. If any university demands a tuition fee, all the responsibility is on the student.

Can You Apply For DAAD Scholarships?

The German DAAD Scholarships are offered to students who wish to complete their academic program in Germany successfully. Students must first meet a specific requirement to be eligible for these German scholarships. DAAD Scholarship programs may have varying eligibility requirements. Find out below:

  • The applicant should have two years of work experience with proof, research, and teaching or graduate assistant work.
  • The applicant must meet the language requirements.
  • The applicants must have completed their Bachelor’s degree within the last six years. If the applicant has completed his Bachelor’s degree more than six years before applying, he is not capable of this scholarship.

DAAD Scholarship Application Requirements

Following are the requirements that applicants must cover to apply for any DAAD Scholarship program:

✔ English language requirement (for courses taught in English)

IELTS Certificate (band 6) or TOFEL (with a minimum score of 550 based on paper, 213 based on Computer, and 80 based on the Internet). Proficiency in the English Language is also required.

✔ German Language Requirement (for courses taught in German)

Applicants must have a DSH 2 or Testdaf 4 Certificate for matriculation. A level B1 certificate is also necessary during the time of application.

✔ Academic Grades

The applicant must require a minimum aggregate of 8.5 CGPA or 85% of its equivalent. Academic Grade also depends upon the required degree.

Documents For The DAAD Scholarships Application Material

Here is a list of necessary documents for all international students required for the DAAD Scholarships application submission.

  1. Letter of Motivation
  2. CV for Scholarships
  3. Academic Transcripts
  4. Professional certificates
  5. Personal statement
  6. Letter of Recommendation
  7. Proof of disability (for disabled person)

What will be required in the DAAD application form?

First of all, you have to apply online. To apply, you must register in the DAAD portal so that you can get access to the application form. The DAAD application form will ask you to submit the following information:

  • Name and nationality
  • The degree programme you’re applying for
  • Gender, academic title, date & place of birth, country of permanent residence
  • Contact information
  • Secondary school education
  • Higher education
  • Degrees held
  • Duration of the course you’re applying for
  • Choice of host university/institution
  • Language skills
  • Previous visits abroad for study/work
  • Practical/professional work experience
  • Professional occupation/written proof
  • Leave of absence information
  • Professional career goal
  • Extracurricular interests

Other documents:

  • When applying for a Study Scholarship, you must submit a motivation letter.
  • When applying for a Research Grant, you must submit a detailed proposal.
  • Submit a reference from a university teacher.

What’s the DAAD scholarships stipend amount?

Your monthly stipend will support your living expenses, health insurance, and travel expenses.

  • Postgraduate students will be given a monthly stipend of 850 Euros.
  • Doctoral degree course students will be given 1,200 Euros.
  • Postgraduate and Doctoral students will receive insurance and health coverage.
  • Postgraduate and Doctoral students might receive a travel grant.
  • Free accommodation in the university dorms will be part of the DAAD scholarship.

What should I include in my letter of motivation?

You will be required to submit a letter of motivation, no more than three pages long, as part of the application process. It would be best to describe the personal and professional reasons you want to study in Germany. In a letter of motivation, you will get to describe your personality as well as the following information:

  • Facts about your academic background, skills, and knowledge. Information on your studies includes the number of semesters and degrees, professional experience, language skills, and prizes or awards.
  • You should include reasons why you want to take the study programme you have chosen, what you like about the university, and your personal and academic expectations.
  • Include your scholarship expectations (in your academic, professional, and personal goals).
  • Include your interests, such as exceptional extracurricular achievements or personal qualities that describe your character.

What should I include in my proposal?

When applying for a Research Grant, applicants should submit a precise proposal. A proposal is a detailed description of the project you will be working on. You should include:

  • The research field in general, the research you have done, the theories you will draw upon, the scientific models you will use, the reasons for using these models, etc.
  • The research questions, objectives, and academic relevance of the project.
  • Your research strategies and methods of data collection.
  • The academic literature you will be using.
  • Anticipated difficulties related to data collection.
  • Research bibliography.

What should my letter of reference include?

University teachers must write letters of reference in scientific subjects with a doctoral degree. The university teacher who writes your letter of reference should include:

  • Your academic achievements.
  • Your academic and personal qualities.
  • The significance of the scholarship for your academic and professional career.

Which Subjects Are Offered On DAAD Scholarships?

DAAD Germany Scholarship offers postgraduate courses in almost every other field. DAAD offers master’s degree programs scholarships of two years and a few doctoral level programs.

  1. Masters
  2. MPhil
  3. MBA
  4. LLM
  5. PhD

DAAD Germany’s scholarship covers numerous fields of the degrees mentioned above. Some of the fields are listed here.

  • Economics
  • Development-related Sciences
  • Engineering (Sciences)
  • Mathematics
  • Architecture (and related) / Urban Development
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Health-related Sciences
  • Education Sciences
  • Law
  • Media Sciences
  • Political Sciences
  • Informatics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Geography & Geosciences
  • Forestry Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Business Administration
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